In the DubShack : Mikey Jarrett

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pic Mikey Jarrett Noel Delahaye Sugar Minott

Mikey Jarrett, Noel Delahaye & Sugar Minott at Bullwackie’s studio

Jamaican born, Brooklyn bred DeeJay Mikey Jarrett is a reggae legend. As A&R man for the famed Channe One recording studio, he provided artists such as Lone Ranger and others the opportunity to make their first records. His own first 45 “Ku Bly Klan” cut in New York in 1974 for the famous Bullwackies label was a hit, and now commands high prices on the collector’s market. His next tune,1980’s Sadat for NYC’s celebrated reggae imprint Jah Life is as equally prized by collectors. In 1983 he was crowned King of The Dancehall at a now storied soundclash in Brooklyn organized by WBAI radio and attended by close friends and reggae icons Dillinger, Lone Ranger, and Carl Bradshaw. After running his own dancehall oriented imprints 24Karat and What’s Up Doc? through the 80s and 90s and scoring hits with a who’s who of dancehall reggae artists from the era, he topped the Billboard charts in 1991 with the Bobby Konders produced hip hop/ragga anthem “Mac Daddy”.
Mikey Jarrett has teamed up with US based reggae artist, producer, and songwriter P-Dub and his band Predator Dub Assassins to craft an album of deep roots reggae tracks that hearken back to golden era 1970s sounds. The album was cut at the band’s own Dub Shack studio, with additional tracking at Keeling Beckford’s studio in Brooklyn, NY. The project also features guests artist appearances from Addis Pablo, Keeling Beckford, P-Dub, and Sonia English. Stay posted.

sadat 45 label

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