New PDA Album Decade of Dubs (and T-Shirt) available HERE!! (NOT on iTunes / Google Play / Etc)

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Predator Dub Assassins - Decade Of Dubs CD Cover
Decade of Dubs CD Cover Back1

Don’t call it a “best of”
When we asked what songs you thought we should include on our new project Decade Of Dubs,  many Dub Heads responded with suggestions and we got to most of them! Here then are the P-Dub family favorites – all re recorded acoustic / unplugged style. To say we had a blast making this one would be an understatement. It was fun going back through all of the old songs and memories, of which there were many! Most members of the the band alumus from over the years make appearances as well as old friends, like Roy Radics and Stringbean. To have all the musicians playing in the same room together and re-arranging the tracks acoustic style was awesome! We had no Go Fund Me, no Kickstarter – we funded and recorded this project strictly DIY. Quite simply, we ask you to lend your support to our endeavor buy buying our Decade Of Dubs T-Shirt and we will send you the T-Shirt in size/color of your choice along with a CD copy of the album (as well as digital download of same for FREE.) Fair enough? How’s THAT for indie? We are keeping this one off iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon etc for a while because we really want you to get it direct from the artist (Hey! That’s us!)
Here’s looking forward to many more years of great music from the Predator Dub Assassins crew. As always, we thank you all so much for your continued love, encouragement and support through the years – it means the world to us!


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