More bleeps and bloops! : New DXP album (1/15/18)

DXP Volume two ARTWORK 3000 x 300 dpi


Hello! I hope winter is going well for you. Please enjoy this album of new electronic noise from my old electronic machines. Its great for the snowy days.      

How A Trip To The Bodega Lead To Sex In The City : On A Hunt For Harlem’s Best Tortas [1/2/2017]


I used to spend a lot of time in Harlem. I was going there from Jersey 3-4 times a week to write and record pop and hip hop records. It was two hours and twenty minutes on the train and about 45 minutes on the 2 or 3 subway. Then a good (long) block and […]

Predator Dub Assassins acoustic shows in Puerto Rico (January 2018)


I am very happy and grateful to have this opportunity to return to Puerto Rico this year. It’s a more compact setup as I have to go unplugged/acoustic style this time around, but I play acoustic all the time so I’m very prepared and can’t wait to link with the PR fam so, no worries.  

Doing The #Jamuary2018 Challenge [Day 2/31]

DXP P-Dub Predator Dub Assassins


I’m participating in this month’s #jamuary2018 challenge. The challenge (which lives for the most part on Instagram) is to create a new piece of music every day for the month of January. The goal is to then share these ideas, grooves, jams, and musical explorations in a one minute clip under the hashtag #jamuary2018. I […]

New Year, New Project, New Album : DubLife All Stars [12/26/17]


Clearly, I can’t keep my head out of the echo chamber for long. I just love it so. Here is a new album of dubbed out instrumentals from my studio efforts on which I play most of the instruments (except drum and horns which I suck at, but my friends definately don’t). If you enjoy […]

Seasons Greetings From The Dubs – Time To Break Out The Christmas Tunes! 11/28/17

Predator Dub Assassins Christmas Reggae


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time when the Dubs dust off our two musical chestnuts in the name of yuletide cheer. Please play, share and download these seasonal classics to your hearts content. We hope we can find a cosy lil spot on your holiday playlist. It’ll be almost like we […]

Back Into The Echo Chamber We Go! New Dub Album from Predator Dub Assassins


I love turning knobs and twisting dials to tweak, transform and generally mangle my old multitracks. I use (ahem) highly specialized and futuristic machines for this that are filled with tubes and tape. Some of my favorites are a Roland Space Echo, a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo, a pair of spring reverbs (one tube, one […]

New Music in Support of – A Charity Movement on Behalf Of Homeless Veterans


As the weather turns colder here in the eastern US, it my honor to support the efforts of my friends from the Subzero Mission. Their fight to end freezing deaths among homeless, especially US military veterans in the northeastern Ohio and Upstate NY areas is sincere and direct. They are exactly the type of organization […]

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