New Album : Roy Radics & Friends – Distance Water 4 Ever is here!


I am very happy to finally drop the Roy Radics & Friends Distance Water 4 Ever project. I won’t go yappin’ on and on about it as the main story behind this album has already been told HERE. Suffice to say that the credits are below and I hope the music and beautiful album artwork by Sean Boyce ( will speak for themselves. Please play this album whenever you want to bring a little Radics vibe into your life. It’s a great way to remember a good friend. Even though many of them were possibly never going to be released, I’m so glad we made these tracks and that I held on to ’em through the years, including Tropical Storm Sandy. And for our friends and family who did not know Roy Radics personally, here is an album of straight fire – reggae, ska, dub, and rocksteady.



Roy Radics & Friends - Dub Assassins - Rudie Crew - Ska - Reggae - Dub

01    The Rudie Crew – Life 03:38
02    P-Dub – Slogans feat Roy Radics 03:38
03    Predator Dub Assassins – Slogans Dub feat Roy Radics 03:33
04    The Rudie Crew – Dem Never Know feat P-Dub (alternate mix) 03:44
05    P-Dub – In My Life feat Roy Radics 03:57
06    P-Dub – Mama Raise Me Right feat Roy Radics 03:47
07    The Rudie Crew – News Carrier feat P-Dub (alternate mix) 03:48
08    Nadine Queen – Believe Me feat Roy Radics & P-Dub 03:44
09    P-Dub – That Was Then feat Tiffany Sterling 03:37
10    Roy Radics – Own Way 03:47

Executive Produced by Roy Persaud Jr for Apache Crisis, Ltd
Produced by P-Dub for DubLife Muzik

Co-productions by Brett Tubin (Channel Tubes), King Django (Version City) and performances from Version City All Stars, Brett Tubin, The Channel Tubes session band, Predator Dub Assassins, and The Rudie Crew. Horn arrangements by The Rudie Crew and El Erkin.

Please support this album by purchasing a Radics T-Shirt for a free download copy, or just buying the album from our Bandcamp page straight up. Also, please like, comment and share with friends both old and new. Many Thanks.

Cover Painting Portrait by : Sean Boyce @seanboycestudios