P-Dub feat Roy Radics : Slogans (2016) NEW SONG + VIDEO



Spring came pretty fast this year. It never got cold for that extended of a time. The colder months of January and February were pretty mild, actually;  punctuated here and there with the odd cold day, but otherwise we got off pretty easy meteorologically speaking.

Just as winter was turning to Spring, I got the sad news that my good friend and longtime collaborator Roy Persaud aka Roy Radics had passed away. My last words to him via text were : “I’m 3 IPA’s to the wind, my friend, going surfing tomorrow – cold water. need rest.  link me tomorrow”. We had been working on some songs with dancehall artist Gaza Kym and had been back n forthing throughout the week. I had been waiting all day for Roy to email me some lyrics to work on with Kym, and well…we never finished that song.

  Although I was devasted, I eventually came to realize that it feels better to celebrate a life rather than to dwell in grief. It didn’t take long before I was going through the old hard drives to search for any lost musical gems that Roy and I had left unfinished. I found many recordings and realized that I had the start of a great Roy Radics project on my hands. Hearing Roy’s voice coming through the speakers brought back  tons of  memories. It was quite awesome. All of Roy’s vocals were done, I just needed to do an odd verse or two and add some fire. With that in mind I contacted Roy’s bandmates/family from the Rudie Crew and told them what I had in mind. Everybody was stoked on the idea and so we got busy. Great horn arrangements and more cherished memories were the result! Needless to say, you will be hearing a lot more about this amazing project. I will definitely keep you updated and I urge you to get a copy when it drops this holiday season.

Peace and Regards,