Predator Dub Assassins – Why Can’t We Be Friends VIDEO SELFIE drive


Winter 2017

Predator Dub Assassins went to the Caribbean to record a new version of an old song. We brought some good friends along to play a few shows, ride a few waves, and ask the simple question : Why Can’t We Be Friends…? We wanted to support a humanitarian charity and, in the spirit of true friendship, have a great time while doing it. We chose Doctors Without Borders @doctorswithoutborders

We love to see the smiling faces of friends especially when it’s for a great cause. Ain’t that what true friendship is all about ?

We hope you will lend a friendly hand in helping us finish this fun project!

As always, many tanks for your support through the years. I am grateful.
2 P-Dub Friends Avatar 2017 Sketches - 7
Click here to listen to our version of Why Can’t We Be Friends