“New school reggae with an old school soul that reminds you to slow down and let yourself live a little.”

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Here are some kind words others are saying about Predator Dub Assassins!


“PDA jamming strong under the guidance of P-Dub, a dreadlocked singer and multi-instrumentalist who can testify like a rootsman or mellow the vibe like any of the best lovers rock crooners.” – [JahWorks.Org]

“There are 16 tracks and not a dud among them.” – [Tom Orr]

“…the mood of this sort of music, by directly engaging with your body, makes your soul soar. You can’t help but smile.” – [Angus, BannedPromotions.com]




P-Dub and band Predator Dub Assassins, have developed a unique brand of reggae music fusing classic island elements with contemporary rock vibes, tossing into the mix sounds that range from mellow acoustic jams to uptempo dance floor rockers.

Lyrics that have captured the imagination of friends around the world with soulful melodies and playful delivery make this music the perfect backdrop for celebrating the best times of your life.

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