New Music in Support of – A Charity Movement on Behalf Of Homeless Veterans


As the weather turns colder here in the eastern US, it my honor to support the efforts of my friends from the Subzero Mission. Their fight to end freezing deaths among homeless, especially US military veterans in the northeastern Ohio and Upstate NY areas is sincere and direct. They are exactly the type of organization I love supporting. Last year, we worked to raise awareness for their annual “ Stuff The Bus” clothing drive, throwing a big party in Cleveland and collecting donations at our shows and online. This year, they asked us to create a parody song detailing the mission and the 5 MAIN ITEMS they request for donation. They refer to these 5 essentials as the “stay alive 5.” So, in the interest of getting the word out, I cut this track with local artist friends Gingermon and Brian Marsh of Browndog Records (OH).



I started the track here in NJ doing guitars, scratch drums and dummy vocals. While in Ohio we cut the lead vocals with Ginger and myself, the background vocals, and the bass guitar and percussion before returning home to Jerz to finish the drums and mixing. We hope you will enjoy the tune, we certainly had a great time making it – moreover – we hope you will make a donation to the cause. You can send any one (or several) of the items listed in the stay alive 5 – Hats / Coats / Gloves / Boots / Sleeping Bags — OR you can simply send in a buck or two via PayPal. Buying a T-shirt from the Subzero Mission merch store at is another great way to support.

Don’t just sit there, tho. Press the button, there are many ways to support!